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Since 2009 Japanese tourist and students visiting cebu are increasing every year. with the tropical weather, white sand beach with blue ocean, a lot of japanese are amazed what we have here in island of Cebu, even the tourist are increasing than manila.

In the internet their is a lot of existing website featuring about cebu, though most of the website aren't up to date informations, the place, city and trends are always changing but almost of the website haven't updated so most of the japanese visitors don't know what is really happening here in cebu.

Providing all the awesome informations of cebu in Japanese

Excite Cebu is the only website which provides all the latest informations about cebu.

Not just tourism or english schools, we feature the cebu trends like shops, restaurants and other more entertainments to local cultures, local lifes and other more cebu related stories.

Excite cebu is the only internet magazines which sharing all the great stories and featuring the places in japanese, we can make even more fun in cebu by introducing many stories in japanese.

Not just tourism and english school informations.

Featuring Local lifes to events.

Cebu have a lot of stories that japanese haven't discovered yet. For an example, the local life of cebu, cultures, entertainment, Excite Cebu is the only daily magazine website can provide deep and interesting stories to japanese audience.

We also post an upcoming events so japanese people can visit the events.

Featuring different point of views in cebu.

Most of japanese knows cebu is the place for the tourism or the english schools, which is still have good informations but Cebu have more undiscover things here in cebu.

Excite Cebu is the only website featured different point of views in cebu, as local lifes, cultures, local stores and anything that can make cebu fun to the japanese people.

Do you have your business here in cebu? would you like to show off your stuffs to japanese audience? contact us! share us your stories or have it advertise in Excite Cebu.

Creating connections for all people interested in Cebu.

Connecting users with interest of Cebu.

Our main concept for Excite Cebu is to connect all japanese people Who wants to go to cebu, Who've been to Cebu and Who is in Cebu.

Excite Cebu can provide usefull Cebu guide by featuring in article, for the people who is planning to visit in cebu, who have been to cebu and who is living in cebu.

Not just a magazine site, Excite Cebu is planning to grow as social network site which everyone who can connect and share all the interest through Excite Cebu.

Wider range of contents and partnership.

Covering different filed of Cebu.

Excite Cebu is operated by multimedia production company based in Cebu, DreamLine Productions. We can provide creative and unique stories all over cebu, but a side that we are partnership with travel agency in cebu, PTN Travel and popular local internet magazine here in cebu so we can always provide different field of cebu through Excite Cebu.

Written by authors who all based in Cebu.

Featuring many wonderful cebu.

Excite Cebu is composed by 5 japanese and filipino authors based in cebu.
Some authors even stay longer in cebu which have more experience staying and knowing the cebu and featuring all the wonderful stories ana places of cebu.

Excite cebu is looking for local bloggers who can make partnership with us. we can feature and translate your article in to japanese. or, if you have any sotories, feel free to contact us!


Graduated International Academy of Film and Television located in Mactan, Cebu and stayed 5 years after graduation. he lobe cebu eating even local foods but still learning cebuano. Mikio is mostly featuring the stories from cebu city.


After visiting onece, she fall in love with cebu and now working in japanese travel agency based in mactan. cebu have a lot of awesome things as beaches, people, cultures, food, nature, shopping..etc.
Shiho will feature all the interesting stories through Excite Cebu.

Rarusu GEM

Gem can provide all the local events held here in cebu. not just the schedules of events, she will visit and make a article so people can see through Excite Cebu.Cosplay events are booming here in cebu too! so better to check it out!


Going to University of san carlos, and while his being student, in same time doing writing in Excite Cebu. most of his article is about local life in cebu, featuring all the cultures, life style mostly from cebuanos point of views.


After backpacking travel around the world, the last stop became cebu.everyday is fun but everybody is serious for their everyday leaving. on weekends, she do diving, but basically she is in under the beach or the sun.