Welcome to Excite Cebu!

Our website is featuring awesome, cool and interesting stories in island of Cebu, Philippines in Japanese.

After 90's Japanese tourist became lesser and Korean tourist and english students increased after 2005 time. but Japanese tourist and the students increases from 2011 and they decided to come to cebu since it's more island feeling than manila and they like the lifestyle and accessibility here than other asia.

Excite Cebu are always looking for Local point of view of Cebu. which is one of popular topics which the reader are looking for.

Excite Cebu Blog Alliance is the Blog network of your own blog and our internet magazine Excite Cebu, which can bring more wider range of the reader of your blog. 


What is the concept all about Excite Cebu?

Excite Cebu had launched on April 2012.

It's a internet magazine featuring all about cebu, most of our post is Tours(Mactan, Cebu city and Cebu island), Food(Restaurants), Relaxation(Spa,Massage) and Local informations(Local life, local foods, culture and events).

Their is many websites in japanese all about Cebu, but one different thing with them is either its informational site like yellow book which they don't really update them self or personal website or blog which just talking about their experience about in cebu.

Excite Cebu are made for the people "Who've been to Cebu", "Who wanted to go to Cebu" and "Who's living in Cebu". when people read it, they can relate and that is exciting for japanese reader. and non of website have those daily updates about cebu.

How Excite Cebu Blog Alliance works?

Do you have blog all about cebu? any interesting stories about there? well that's good!

Your blog and Excite Cebu will make a partnership. which we will get one of your article from the blog, translate and post to excite cebu and will inform that your article had been translated. of course, we will credit your name and post the link of the original post and your blog too.


What is the benefits of partnership?

This Blog network can make your audience to even wider range by having japanese reader on this blog.

And we promote your blog on article too so the interest to your blog might increase! and it might be awesome when your article is translated in japanese for free right!?

You don't need to even post our banners and stuffs. It's just that simple.


What should I do to Join Excite Cebu Blog Alliance?

Nothing much to do! just fill up the form below!

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Who are the people behind Excite Cebu?

This is the operators and the content provider of Excite Cebu:


DreamLine Productions | facebook

Production company based in Mabolo Cebu city, We produce creative products as commercials, films and other multimedia productions. It's japanese owned company and we have awards from CinemaOne Originals Film festivals, "My Paranormal Romance" on 2011.


PTN Travel Corp

Japanese travel agency based on Lapu-Lapu Mactan. They are one of the popular tourist company by japanese for providing optional tours. one of the writer belong from there.


Content Provider

Zerothreetwo | facebook

Online magazine showing of Cebu. Excite Cebu made partnership for their contents which same as Excite Cebu Blog Alliance. we translate their article time to time.

Cebu English 

English school agency based on Mandaue Cebu city. We recently made partnership with them so we can provide the english school information in cebu by article in Excite Cebu.